KC Royals Opening Day 2016

The defending World Series champion Kansas City Royals opened their season today with a rematch against the New York Mets on Sunday, April 3rd, 2016.  Edinson Volquez was a little wild early but pitched 6 strong innings of shutout ball and turned over a 4-0 lead to the vaunted bullpen.  Herrera pitched a scoreless 7th and then it was Soria’s turn.

Soria used to be an all-star with the Royals but towards the end of his time with the team, he really sucked.  He played for a couple of other teams including the hated Detroit Tigers and for reasons unknown, Dayton Moore decided to give him a bunch of money to return to KC.  He promptly gives up 3 runs in the 8th and KC had to bring in Luke Hochevar to try and save the day.  Luke was great and struck out the only batter he faced to get out of the jam.  I think Ned needs to rethink just giving Soria the 8th inning to start the year.  In the 9th inning, it was Wade Davis’ turn.  Wade had 2 strikes on the 1st hitter and threw strikes 3 and 4 but the ump called them balls to give up a walk.  KC got an out and then the Grandyman came up and worm burned a 2 strike pitch through the infield putting runners on 1st and 3rd with 1 out.  Next up was David Wright and Wade struck him out bringing up Cespedes.  It’s always a scary battle when the tying run is only 90 feet away and Cespedes is at the plate.  In the end, Wade won the battle and struck him out to save the game.  Starting where they left off, Kansas City beats the Mets again to open the year.

Offensively, Hoz was the star going 3 for 4 and Cain chipped in getting on base and scoring as well.  During the telecast, I learned Alex Gordon was like 3/30 on opening days and he struck out in his 1st at bat and grounded into a double play in his next at bat and it looked like he might continue sucking.  On his 3rd at bat, Gordo came through with a base hit that scored the extra run the Royals would end up needing with the Soria implosion.  Kendrys was another guy who sucked tonight.  He was 0 fer and grounded in to 2 DP’s.

Moose and Hoz both had key defensive plays to end innings to thwart scoring chances for the Mets.  Sal was a boss as usual blocking about 10 balls and throwing out the sucker who tried to steal on him.  The K was packed and everyone went home happy with a win and perfect start to the season.  Tomorrow is an off day and then the Royals are back at it on Tuesday to face girly man Syndergaard.  I wonder if he’ll try and back Esky off the plate again.  Stay Tuned ….


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